Creative Writing Classes for Adults 2019


Creative Writing, Adults 50+

Enhance your creative writing skills by discussing such tools as setting, imagery, characterization, plot, dialogue, and use of language. We do this by sharing each other's work and commenting on the literary components of the presented piece. In addition, Enid presents a brief talk each week on writing creatively. Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or memoir, you will find effective assistance and eager listeners. New: Students will record one of their stories (fiction or nonfiction) that will be accessible on Enid's and Avenidas' website. Enid Davis is a published author and holds a B.A. in English Literature and a master's degree in librarianship. She was the director of Animal Farm (12/17) and also teaches drama at Avenidas.

8  Weeks - $150 - Wednesday, March 27- Wednesday, May 22. No class on 5/8.

10 AM - NOON

Avenidas, (650) 289-5400 at 450 Byrant Street, Palo Alto, CA

Here is a sonnet written recently by one of my students (age 100), who had to miss three classes this semester and wrote this poem upon his return.

"Returned" by Bill Corcoran

From our writing class I have been absent

For three weeks of a rainy new year.

Recall how dry before: 'twas time well spent;

Future gives hope dryness won't reappear.

For me, those weeks were a bit bothersome.

It was Mohs surgery for basil cell

Cancer near my right ear. While not welcome,

This cancer's come before; Mohs treats it well.

After surgery was just a nuisance.

Mainly I missed the to-and-fro of those

Meetings, for which, I've now impatience,

Those Wednesdays that keep us on our toes.

So when I think of all I might have learned

It's really great that now I have returned.