Upcoming Drama, Storytelling, and Writing Classes in 2019

  1. Drama

“Wise Owl Players Drama Class: Boot Camp 2019”

Ages 50+

Tuesdays (4) from April 16 through May 7 at 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Tuition: $80/$90 – Call Avenidas to register at (650) 289-5400 or register online at Classes held at 450 Bryant St., Palo Alto.

In preparation for our 2019 production of Deleted. by Enid Davis, to be performed in September at the MVCPA, we invite you to try your hand at dramatic reading. Explore the edgy new play by 21st-Century author Annie Baker while learning acting techniques. Magic Mirror Transformation is about an acting class in a small Vermont town. Take a peek into the uplifting Wise Owl Players program by attending this fun-filled 4-week course.

II. Writing

1. “Creative Writing”

Ages 50+

8 Wednesdays, 10: AM-Noon, March 27-May 22.. Call Avenidas to register. 650 289-5400. Tuition: $150.Avenidas, 450 Bryant Ave., Palo Alto. (We are back in our newly remodeled building.)

Registration starts 3/4/19

Learn the tools known to experienced authors to create your own poems, stories, memoirs, and essays. We discuss dialogue, scenes, sentence structure, imagery, characterization, story arcs and more. I will make a podcast of your favorite class piece and put it on my website. (And on Avenidas’s website – someday soon.)

The building George Orwell once worked in and used for his model in 1984.