Creative Writing classes

Working one-to-one with a specialist can speed your uptake in a new endeavor. For example, several of my creative writing class participants enjoy taking a few private sessions to get them chugging along the right track.

Young people who have a flair for writing may enjoy a private tutor to bring them up a few rungs, a climb that their own school teacher may not have time to guide.

I don’t work with remedial students; that’s not my area of expertise. However, if you are new to a skill, such as creative writing, storytelling, dramatic reading, directing, and creative dramatics, I have the background and enthusiasm to offer assistance.

I can coach you on the following skill sets:

* Creative writing: short stories, poetry, memoirs

* Personal storytelling

*Dramatic readings

* Traditional oral storytelling

* Using a story narrative in your business projects

* How to direct a staged reading.

I am trained to work with people ages 4 – Adult. I am available for one-to-one coaching and for workshops at businesses. 

Enid Davis

A Selective Bibliography of Published/Performed Works by Enid Davis

Deleted. 2018. A full-length play written and directed by Enid. First produced at Avenidas in October

2018.Jeans! The Musical. Words and Music by Enid. Book by Diane Claerbout and Caryn Yacowitz. First produced at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, June 2018.

A Slice of Rye/A Bite of Joy. Two plays based on Jewish folktales written and directed by Enid. Performed at the Palo Alto Jewish Community Center in 2014.

The Ogre Awards. An annual musical, starring 88 second graders. Written and directed by Enid from 1996-2012 at The Harker School in San Jose.

A Comprehensive Guide to Children’s Literature with a Jewish Theme.Schocken Books, 1981. Literary criticism.

Latke Lad: A Hanukkah Tale to Serve with Your Potato Pancakes. Written, illustrated, and published by Enid, 1981. A fractured folktale.

The Liberty Cap: A Catalogue of Non-Sexist Materials for Children.Academy Press, 1977. Literary criticism.