About The Wise Owl Players

About the Wise Owl Players


A Year-Round Program for Dramatized Staged-Readings and for the Study of Plays both as Literature and Blue Prints for Performances. Ages 50+.

Who We Are

Enid Davis and Gari Gene Otto founded The Avenidas Wise Owl Players in 2017. Fans of author George Orwell, we desired to produce Animal Farm. Knowing that many of the seniors I taught in creative writing had experienced the Stalin era, I believed that their wisdom would be heard through the voices of the farm characters. I was right. I also now know that elders can play characters of any age.

The Wise Owl Players grew out of an acting class I taught at Avenidas in October 2017. After six weeks of learning how to put on a dramatic staged reading, the cast of twelve performed a well-received play – Animal Farm, adapted from George Orwell’s novel by Ian Wooldridge. In October 2018, we put on the premiere viewing of Deleted., an original play written and directed by me. Both plays were performed in the lobby of Avenidas. However, thanks to a generous gift by Ray Rothrock of RedSeal, we performed Deleted. again in September in the beautiful Mountain View Center for Performing Arts.

July 31, 2021: I am happy to announce that Mr. Rothrock will continue as our benefactor, after sponsoring us from 2019 through 2021. Thank you, Ray!


Tracy McCloud, center director, manages the program and Kat King coordinates the Zoom classes and performances. Other key players are Enid Davis, director/instructor; Mary Bernstein, Katherine Chappelear, Ellin Klor, and Mary-Jo Lomax: Planning Committee members. (Above photo: (left) Mary, Enid, Mary-Jo, Ellin, and Katherine.)

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Our Mission Statement:

The Wise Owl Players, a senior theater group, offers adults 50+ the opportunity to act before live audiences by producing dramatic staged readings, and offering classes needed to create these performances. As part of the Avenidas organization, our mission is to encourage social connections, personal growth, and self-esteem. The plays and classes are a cultural benefit to the greater community and demonstrate the richness that older adults bring to our society.

The Wise Owl Players, a drama program for people 50 and older – under the direction of Enid Davis – is sponsored by the Avenidas community center for mature adults in Palo Alto, CA.