Storytelling Performances

Enchantment, love, human understanding, delight, friendship, and joy are the results of a tale well told.


Traditional oral storytelling, the oldest performing arts form, involves one storyteller in front of an audience using her voice, facial expressions, and body to tell a story that was originally produced as an oral work. This work could be a legend, a folktale, or a fairytale.

Informal and with no fourth wall dividing the teller from her audience, storytelling creates an intimate theater experience. If it’s daytime, no lights are dimmed; if it’s nighttime, the bulbs glow on audience and teller alike. Indeed, the storyteller purposely looks into the eyes of the people in front of her, encouraging them to enter the world of her story, the world of enchantment.

I have been telling stories to people of all ages for over forty years. The stories may be about tricksters, enchanted beasts, evil stepmothers, wise elders, wicked wizards, fools and vain kings, but they are all based on universal human truths that hold water for people all around the world.

I tailor each performance to the wishes of the hiring person. Appropriate stories are selected for different age groups. The length of the program, the theme, the level of interaction between teller and audience are customized for the specific performance.

My local geographic area ranges from San Mateo to San Jose and parts of the East Bay.  For more extensive workshops and performances, I would fly to Southern California. I’d almost perform for free in beautiful La Jolla.


For an article from The Town Crier on how Enid began Story Friends after retiring from The Harker School in 2012, click on:

(Enid was the founder and chair of the Los Altos Story Fest from 2013-2016. She specialized in traditional oral storytelling as a children’s librarian from 1970-2012. She even once told stories to Dr. Bruno Bettelheim soon after he published his renowned book, The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales. Knopf, 1976.)