Listen up!

The Creative Writing courses at Avenidas for adults 50+ contain a group of endearing and bright men and women who love to write and share their poetry, fiction, and memoir pieces with each other. They range in age from 50 – 100.

Here are some of their pieces for your listening enjoyment. I recorded the text and Jerry Erman recorded the (public domain) piano music. The writers also thank you for stopping by.

Note: The author and title of each piece are beneath the recording.

Fall 2018

“A Conversation Between Two Crows” by Betty Schneider
“Homecoming” by Kathryn Beadle
“October on Fire Island” by Frank Burns
“Spring Song” by Jerry Harris
“The Space of Childhood” by Judy Andrews
“Snow White Retold” by Dawn Wood
“Felon” by Yvonne Lenbergs
“Sixty-five and Counting” by Marlene Kerrins
“Thanksgiving” by William Corcoran
“Sometime in August 2002” by Norm Conradson
“Nursing Home Balloons” by Naomi Lavori

Spring 2018

“England 1947” by Judy Andrews
“The Movies of My Teens” by Norm Conradson
“Ring” by William Corcoran
“”The Best Spaghetti Dinner My Husband Ever Made” by Letha DiLauro
“My Meandering Mississippi” by Jerry Harris
“Teachers” by Marlene Kerrins
“Today’s Gift” by Yvonne Lenbergs
“Yosemite” by Kay Weeks