Plays by enid davis

The first play I ever wrote was in the 1970’s as a children’s librarian at the Los Altos Library. It was an hour-long, multi-media production, with Sesame Street characters and audience participation. It was called Sesame Street Fights Pollution: A Puppet Musical in Five Acts.

Moving along to a private school setting in 1994, I wrote and directed the kindergarten productions for two years for The Harker School. The first consisted of four classes each performing a dramatized folktale. Each tale contained a song and a dance. It was called Tales from a Cardboard Box .In 1995, each class performed their own play separately in a smaller venue. I dramatized the folktale “The Month Brothers.”

In 1996 I gave up the K show and created, directed, and produced a unique production called The Ogre Awards. It is based on fairy tale characters and includes 88 second graders. It enjoyed its 19th year in March, 2015. I retired after #16. It is rewritten each year.

The show is based on Harker’s second grade library curriculum which teaches world folktales and traditional oral storytelling.

For an article ( 4/13/2012) from a Harker School newsletter, click here.

The fish from “The Fisherman’s Wife” from the first Ogre Awards, 1996.

This young man is now an actor in Los Angeles. The Harker School provided the photograph.

I adapted and directed two staged readings of Jewish folk and fairy tales from around the world. They were performed in 2014 at the Palo Alto Jewish Community Center in California.


 “A Bite of Joy” was a staged play showcasing readings of Jewish folk and fairy tales from around the world. It was a recreation of an East European wedding, complete with a badkin,(a wedding jester.) In addition, another ten tales were read aloud in this performance.

For an article in The Palo Alto Weekly about the plays, see:

Bite of Joy

The second, “A Slice of Wry,” contained ten tales, using head costumes and props. Bradley Davis performed on the clarinet.

Part 1 of Slice of Wry


Deleted. is a comic-mystery tale about a group of fictional characters who were deleted from their authors’ manuscript. They form a support group and look for answers to their question: why me?

Deleted played to enthusiastic, sold out audiences on September 14 and 15, 2019 at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts, Second Stage. There was literally a laugh a minute.

If you are interested in producing Deleted., please email Enid Davis at – [email protected]/


Jeans! was written about 12 years ago by Caryn Yacowitz and Diane Claerbout. I wrote the lyrics to tunes in the public domain. The story is about the invention of jeans during the California Gold Rush.

I have written original music and new lyrics, and the book got some tweaking. It is a clean fun piece of Americana with a Jewish twist. Both Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, the innovators, were Jewish immigrants from Europe. It is historical fiction.

from Jeans! The Musical produced by TheaterGames

Jeans! is appropriate for actors aged 12-adult. It is about 75 minutes long and contains 12 songs. Jeremy Erman did the musical arrangements.

For an article (5/28/18) in the J about the June 2018 performance of Jeans at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, click here.

Another article (5/17/18) can be found in The Palo Alto Weekly, click here.

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