The first play I ever wrote was in the 1970’s as a children’s librarian at the Los Altos Library. It was an hour-long, multi-media production, with Sesame Street characters and audience participation. Sesame Street Fights Pollution: A Puppet Musical in Five Acts.

Moving along to a private school setting in 1994, I wrote and directed the kindergarten productions for two years for The Harker School. The first consisted of four classes each performing a dramatized folktale. Each tale contained a song and a dance. It was called Tales from a Cardboard BoxIn 1995, each class performed their own play separately in a smaller venue. I dramatized the folktale “The Month Brothers.”

In 1996 I gave up the K show and created, directed, and produced a unique production called The Ogre Awards. It is based on fairy tale characters and includes 88 second graders. It enjoyed its 19th year in March, 2015. I retired after #16. It is rewritten each year.

The show is based on Harker’s second grade library curriculum which teaches world folktales and traditional oral storytelling.

For a journal article on The Ogre Awards go to a journal of the American Library Association:

Here’s another article a The Harker School newsletter:

The fish from “The Fisherman’s Wife.” From the first Ogre Awards, 1996.

This young man is now an actor in Los Angeles. The Harker School provided the photograph.