From my work directing Deleted. (1/19)

From Mary-Jo, a cast member.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Wise Owl Players.  I
expected the class to be strictly rehearsal and was pleasantly surprised that we were given assignments to help us connect with our character and to learn how our character interacted with other characters.  Enid’s professionalism—from the time commitment she expected of us to her constructive criticism—helped me to take the project more seriously than I initially had.  

From Marc, a cast member.

Most of all, since I’m unmarried and without family, being a part of
“Deleted” gave me a wonderful feeling of being part of a worthy
community enterprise— one that was tying other seniors to each other, the playwright to her audiences, and the entire, older company to Palo Alto and neighboring towns. 

The rehearsals and performances, thus, were a bit of a refuge. 

And yet so much more!  A refuge full of wit, warmth, invention, a bit
of zaniness, and the immense thoughtfulness of Enid and Gari, the directors.


From my work directing Animal Farm.
A note from the play’s adaptor, Ian Wooldridge. (1/18)

Many thanks for this, and special thanks for doing my adaptation of
‘Animal Farm’.

In my experience with the work your project is unique, and I’m sure its ‘warning’ nature was all the more powerful when delivered by an ensemble with some experience of the world!

It would be lovely to see some photos of the production.

‘Animal Farm’ remains as timely as ever, and its message seems to grow even more relevant as each year passes. All the more reason for doing it!

From my talk to the GaGa Sisterhood (of devoted
grandmothers) on storytelling activities with children and the role of
folktales in their lives:

Donne Davis, Founder of GaGa Sisterhood (GaGaSisterhood.com) (5/15/16)

“It was such a pleasure to meet you and watch you in action yesterday. You are such an animated storyteller. I loved watching the GaGas watch you – they were all mesmerized. You shared wonderful content and so many fun stories. I know you inspired all of us grandmas to go out and find folktales to tell our grandchildren. The interactive game was a lot of fun, too.

 Thank you again for all the valuable information, the excellent
handouts and your incredible energy.”  


From my workshop with adult patrons in the Sunnyvale Public Library (3/16)

Janet Hamma: “This was one of the best choices I have made in a long time! Enid was so welcoming to everyone and made us feel at ease in this new endeavor. I really appreciated the feedback from Enid and the class. She gave us the positive as well as what we could do to improve. Her knowledge of where to find stories was wonderful. And her demonstrations were fantastic! Thank you
so much!”

Sharmila Gopinathan: “Because of the training from these workshops, I have stopped reading books to my 10 & 7 year olds at bedtime. My 10 year old has stopped being interested in the picture books I used to read. All three of us prefer cuddling together and hearing stories. The children have started sharing stories as well! My husband has also started telling them stories at bedtime when I have not been able to! I have been reading up on folktales to come up with two stories to share every night!


From my workshop with adult patrons in the Sunnyvale Public Library troupe: (3/16)

Dakshata Talekar (1/29/16):

“Enid is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience and in-depth
knowledge of the art of storytelling and public speaking. She is very patient and encouraging with her students. She guided the kids’ group at the Sunnyvale Library so well! No wonder the recent storytelling festival (they performed in Palo Alto) was a huge success. My son (age 8) loved and enjoyed her storytelling workshop.And I see a lot of improvement in his public speaking
skills. I would love to recommend her to all parents.”

Lakshmi Mudiapur (1/29/16):

Mrs. Davis is a wonderful storyteller and even a better teacher. It was a joy to watch her train a diverse set of children to learn and to love storytelling. The kids learned a very useful skill and had a lot of fun while doing it. My son (age 7) attended his first workshop with her recently and can’t wait for the next one to start! I was so impressed with it that I signed up for the next adult storytelling workshop.


From my work with “The Young Voices in Storytelling”
troupe founded in 11/2015.

Kathleen Colman, Children’s Librarian, Sunnyvale Library (1/29/16):
“Enid led a series of workshops at the Sunnyvale Library with the goal of inspiring children to become storytellers. The inspiration she provided the children (and their parents) involved a blend of her artistic talents (storytelling, writing, directing and a bit of costume design). Enid embraces storytelling with a passion and joy which she passes to her young students.
This, of course, passes on to their parents and with this teamwork, success is imminent. Enid Davis is an exceptional teacher!”

References from The Harker School where I was employed as the
Library Director, 1993-2012.

Sarah Leonard, Primary Division Head, The Harker School, 10/30/12

“It is with pleasure and conviction that I write this letter of
recommendation for Enid Davis, librarian and storyteller extraordinaire… She has given thousands and thousands of students gifts that will last a life-time. She has my fullest support.”

Jennifer Gargano, Assistant Head of School; Academic Affairs, The
Harker School, 10/15/12

“It is my absolute pleasure to speak on behalf of Enid Davis. Enid’s
creativity is truly unrivaled.”