Working one-to-one with a specialist can speed your uptake in a new endeavor. For example, several of my creative writing class participants enjoy taking a few private sessions to get them chugging along the right track.

Young people who have a flair for writing may enjoy a private tutor to bring them up a few rungs, a climb that their own school teacher may not have time to guide.

I don’t work with remedial students; that’s not my area of expertise. However, if you are new to a skill, such as creative writing, storytelling, dramatic reading, directing, and creative dramatics, I have the background and enthusiasm to offer assistance.

I can coach you on the following skill sets:

* Creative writing: short stories, poetry, memoirs

* Personal storytelling

*Dramatic readings

* Traditional oral storytelling

* Using a story narrative in your business projects

* How to direct a staged reading.

I am trained to work with people ages 4 – Adult. I am available for one-to-one coaching and for workshops at businesses. 

Enid Davis